Supereme Party

$23/child  for a minimum of 10 children


Includes: Birthday Menu + Unlimited cordial + (4 choices from Savoury Menu + 2 choices from Sweet  Menu + Lolly bag/child) or Healthy Menu + Bowl of Popcorn’s +Lolly Bag/child.


Birthday Menu:

*Admission                                                               *Private party room for 1.5 hour

*Table reserved for adults for 1.5 hour             *Party Invitations

*Present for Birthday Child                                *Free return visit for Birthday Child

Savoury Menu

* Hot Chips  * Sausage Roll  *Party Pies  * Mini Frankfurt  * Chicken Nuggets  * Ham & Pineapple Pizza

Sweet Menu

*Fairy Bread  * Jelly Cups  * Assorted Biscuits   * Fruit Platter

Healthy Menu

* Cheese Sandwiches  * Vegemite Sandwiches  * Jam Sandwiches * Carrots & Crackers  * Fruit Platter

Other Options

*Extra food item $2.00/child                          *Freddo cake $25.00

* Fruit box /Lolly bag $2.50/child                *Flavored ice-cream  $3.50/child

*Freshly popped pop-corn bowl $10.00      *Ice-cream Cake  $21.00


* If you want to bring a birthday cake along there is a $10 fee that covers everything you need for your cake including candles, knife, lighter, plates and spoons to serve the cake.



A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to confirm booking.